CLUBS IN 2022/23

South Morningside Parent Council runs a number of clubs after school on weekdays. Clubs are organised and run by volunteers, the parents/carers of South Morningside pupils. Each club has at least one convenor and clubs are supported by Clubs Admin, a sub group of the Parent Council.

We offer a range of activities, sports, arts and leisure. Some club activities are taught or led by professional tutors and organisations. Others are led by parents / carers with a skill or interest in an activity. Most clubs should take place in the school building – but challenges in recent years mean clubs have been re-located to local community venues.

Clubs open to new sign ups at the beginning of the school year and offer places through the year as they become available. They are advertised on Classlist, on SMPS Facebook and in school emails and newsletters. There are limits on how many children can attend a club, so not all clubs are available to all year groups and many are over-subscribed. Convenors run waiting lists and try to make sure all children that want to take part are included, even if they have to wait.

Fees are set by each club to cover the cost of tutor fees and any venue hire costs. Fees are paid at the beginning of each school term. For some clubs there are additional costs for instruments, uniforms etc. The Parent Council has funds to support families who cannot meet the full costs of clubs. For full details on how to apply and pay for clubs, see below.

In 2022, we cannot run the full programme of clubs due to ongoing Covid-19 challenges but do have a limited programme running. We hope that Clubs can return to the school building as soon as possible, and in the meantime Clubs are taking place in local community venues.


P3 – P7  15.40 to 17:40 (2 Sessions)
Greenbank Church
Club Convenor Contact:

Drumming (Pipe Band)
P3 – P7  17:30
Greenbank Church
Club Convenor Contact:


P3 – P7  15:30 to 17:30 (5 Sessions)
Greenbank Church
Club Convenor Contact:

P3 – P7 15:40 to 18:00pm (4 sessions)
Greenbank Church
Club Convenor Contact:



P3 – P7  15:40 to 17:10 (3 Sessions with 2 teachers)
Greenbank Church
Club Convenor Contact:

Creative Writing
P4 – P7  15:30 to 16:30 (P4/5) and 16:40 to 17:40 (P6/7)
Greenbank Church
Club Convenor Contact:




Stage Club
P6 – P7  13:00 to 15:00pm (sometimes 16:00 and additional rehearsals Jan – Mar)
August to March only
Greenbank Church
Club Convenor Contact:

Ski Club
P3 – P7  16:00 to 17:30pm (7 sessions)
Midlothian Snowsports Centre, Hillend
Club Convenor Contact:

Friday Night Football
P1 – P2  16:30 to 19:30pm (3 sessions)
World of Football (winter) and Meadowspot (spring/summer)
Club Convenor Contact:


Clubs set their own term dates, but never run in school holidays or other days when school is closed for pupils.

How to Apply

Contact the individual Club Convenor for information and to apply (email addresses above).

A child’s space is not guaranteed until confirmed by the Club Convenor and payment is received. All payment is due prior to clubs starting. Club Convenors will provide payment details, all payments to be made by bank transfer.

Financial Support

The Parent Council allocates funds to support families who cannot meet the costs of clubs. We are committed to making sure that no child misses out because of a financial barrier. Please contact Clubs Admin directly to discuss – and not the Club Convenor. You should continue to apply to the club while this is in progress. N.B. Parent Council works in partnership with the school to support the Pupil Equity Framework


Very occasionally classes need to be cancelled (e.g. instructor sickness). SMPC policy is that refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances at the individual club’s discretion as offering refunds involves a lot of work for relatively small amounts of money. If, after accepting & paying for a place, your child does not take the place or leaves the club, a refund will not be given. 


Please see our page on Safeguarding for information on our policies, how we carry out PVG checks, how we financially support families and the Codes of Conduct for adults and children involved in clubs.

The Clubs Admin sub-group can be contacted on