The Impact of School Refurbishments at Comiston Road

The Parent Council has a strong history of providing a wide range of clubs and activities to children at the school at very affordable rates.  There are however a number of significant challenges that may affect the activities we can offer in 2019-20 and beyond, which our dedicated clubs team and the school are working hard to resolve.  These are:

  • Due to welcome and long overdue refurbishments, the main school on Comiston Road will be closed every evening from 3.25pm for the entirety of 2019-20, meaning the rooms will not be available for use by clubs.  An alternative venue or venues will therefore need to be found if clubs are to continue to be run.
  • Due to pressure on council budgets, from 2019-20 the council intends to charge clubs for the use of school facilities. We are seeking to ensure that the level of these fees is minimised as far as possible and that this new cost is shared fairly across all clubs.  Our goal is to try to ensure that no clubs are forced to close, and that no club is forced to raise fees to a level parents would find unaffordable.
  • If alternative accommodation is found for next year, this raises insurance issues and complications with moving kids from after-school club to the new venue.

These are complex, interconnected issues but thankfully we have some dedicated, hard working, amazing parents working to resolve them. They could always do with more parents to help out though so please get in touch ( if you’d like to get involved.

Clubs in 2019-20

We have many clubs that run in conjunction with South Morningside Primary School.  The clubs below are the clubs run by parent volunteers and supported by the Parent Council. This year due to the refurbishment at the main school (Comiston Road) we are running clubs from various venues in the area. We love the fact that we have a great range of clubs and there should be a club that appeals to every child.

Regretfully not all clubs are available to all year groups and physical space constraints mean many are over-subscribed. Wait-lists are kept by many clubs, please ensure your child is aware that they may need to wait to join a SMPC Club.


P3 – P7  15.40 to 17:40 (2 Sessions)
Greenbank Church

P3 – P7  18:00 to 20:00 (2 Sessions)
Greenbank Church
Starting September 23rd

P4 – P7  15:40 to 16:40 (2 Sessions)
Greenbank Church
Starting September 23rd

P1 & P2  15:00 to 16:20


Zoom (Animation) Club
P4 – P7  15:30 to 17:30 (1 Session)
Morningside Library

Recorder Club
P4 – P7  15:40 to 18:00 (5 Sessions)
Morningside Parish Church


Chanter Club
P4 – P7  15:40 to 17:10 (3 Sessions with 2 teachers)
Greenbank Church
Starting September 23rd

Code Club
17:30 to 20:00 (1 Session)
Morningside Library


Choir Club
15:00 to 15:45


Guitar Club
12:30 to 14:00pm
Greenbank Church

Stage Club
P6 – P7  13:00 to 15:00pm (sometimes 4:00)
Greenbank Church

Ski Club
P3 – P7  16:00 to 17:30pm (7pm if 2 sessions)

Snowboarding Club
P3 – P7  16:00 to 17:30pm (7pm if 2 sessions)

P1 – P2  18:00 to 20:15pm (3 Sessions)
St Peters Primary

If you would like your child to attend a club but feel it would be too difficult financially please speak to your childs teacher about getting some funding help from the parent council

Non-SMPC Clubs

Wildlife and Bushcraft Club
P4 – P7s Monday 3:25 – 5:25pm
Main School, front door

Older Boys Football
Meadowspot, Saturday

Older Girls Football
Meadowspot, Saturday
Jill Mundy

Active Schools

In addition to the above, Active Schools offer a number of activities at South Morningside, though these will also be affected by the building works taking place at Comiston Road after hours in 2019-20.

How to Apply

Click on the club name above for more information and contact the individual Club Convenor (a parent who has volunteered to carry out the club admin) for an application form.  Complete the application form with payment and return it to the school SMPC Club Box by the Janitor’s office (Main School) or by Reception (Deanbank).

A child’s space is not guaranteed until confirmed by the Club Convenor AND payment is received in full. All payment is due PRIOR to clubs starting. Failure to do so could result in your child not being admitted in to the club.
All cheques should be made payable to South Morningside Parent Council (SMPC).


Very occasionally classes need to be cancelled (e.g. instructor sickness, snap election dates). SMPC policy is that refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances at the individual club’s discretion as offering refunds when this happens involves a lot of work for relatively small amounts of money. If, after accepting & paying for a place, your child subsequently does not take the place / drops out / changes their mind, a refund will not be given

The Clubs Coordinator can be contacted on