Who, When, Where:

P3 – P7  16:00 to 17:30pm (7pm if 2 sessions) at Hillend (NB: Transport is not provided)

Club Convenor: Joanna Adams

Club email: snowboarding-club@sm-pc.org

Tutors: Are qualified snowboarding instructors allocated to each level by Midlothian Snowsports Centre (Hillend)

Allocation of spaces: 2 classes of 10 pupils. Priority given to returning members. Other spaces taken “from a hat” to allow fairness. A minimum of 8 is required for this club to run.

Club Convenor’s children are always given a priority place in the club. Please contact the Club Convenor should you wish to take advantage of this privilege by offering to take on this position in future.

Cost: approx £8.80 per lesson

A child’s space is not guaranteed until payment is received. All payment is due PRIOR to clubs starting. Failure to do so could result in your child not being admitted in to the club.

Cheques are to be written to SMPC, envelopes marked ‘Snowboarding Club’ & posted in the Clubs Box by the Janitor’s Office (Main School).

Parent Volunteers required: YES – for signing in / out duty

All parent volunteers must be PVG registered with the SMPC. Please contact pvg@sm-pc.org for further details if you are not already registered with South Morningside Parent Council.

Refunds: Very occasionally classes need to be cancelled (e.g. instructor sickness). SMPC policy is that refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances at the individual club’s discretion as offering refunds when this happens involves a lot of work for relatively small amounts of money. If, after accepting & paying for a place, your child subsequently does not take the place / drops out / changes their mind, a refund will not be given

SMPC Code of Conduct

Parents are kindly reminded that SMPC Clubs only operate thanks to a school parent who volunteers to act as Club Convenor & run the administrative side of the club. Parents are requested to respect the efforts of each Club Convenor.