Much of its work of the Parent Council is carried out by subgroups who report back to the PC in each PC meeting throughout the year. Subgroups typically consist of at least one voting PC member, but many other parent volunteers who are not on the PC but want to help out and make a difference.  Take a look at what the groups do and if you’d like to help you can drop a line to the parent council at or

The PC subgroups are:

  • Accommodation. Raising awareness about issues surrounding the school sites and buildings, and campaigning for improvements.
  • Clubs. Organising the many after-school clubs we offer for pupils.
  • Communications (Comms). Assisting with communications between the school and parents, raising awareness of school and local events via Facebook and this website, and for managing IT needs for the PC.
  • Finance. Managing funding requests and ensuring that our funds are spent in a consistent and fair manner.
  • Fundraising. Organising the many fundraising events we put on throughout the year which raise all the funds for the PC, such as our annual Winter Craft Fair and Summer Fair.
  • Transport. Ensuring all pupils, staff and parents have a safe environment for travel to and from all school sites.