The children taking part in Judo Club get the opportunity to work towards the judo grades & belts through Judo Scotland. There’s no requirement to attend outside competitions.

Who, When & Where:

The Judo Club operates 15.40 to 17:40 (2 Sessions) on Monday’s for P3 – P7’s  during term time when permitted by the school (dates to be confirmed by Club Convenor) at Greenbank Church.

The classes are 45 minutes and times are as follows:

The exact split of year groups across the classes can change depending on the numbers within each year group but generally younger children will be in the earlier classes.

Club Convenor: Erica

Club email:

Tutor Name:  The classes are run by Chris Syrett.  He has been running the school judo club for a number of years and also runs classes at the Eric Liddell centre.

Allocation of spaces: Children currently in the club are given priority due to the nature of the sport (building on knowledge/experience and working through the judo grades). The demand for spaces at Deanbank is particularly high (only 12 spaces). The Main School Judo Club is very popular although with 56 places, we can usually accommodate most children. Occasionally, children do need to wait for a place to come up (this is most common at start of school year). If places become available with no children on the waiting list in the age bracket, an e-mail will be sent with a deadline set. In the event of places being over-subscribed, we would use an appropriate method to select children fairly. E.g. out of hat.

Club Convenor’s children are always given a priority place in the club. Please contact the Club Convenor should you wish to take advantage of this privilege by offering to take on this position in future.

Cost: 2017/18 cost is £4.75 per class (payment is required for whole term in advance).

A child’s space is not guaranteed until payment is received. All payment is due PRIOR to clubs starting. Failure to do so could result in your child not being admitted in to the club.

Cheques are to be written to SMPC, envelopes marked ‘Judo Club’ & posted in the Clubs Box by the Janitor’s Office (Main School) or by Reception (Deanbank).

Parent Volunteers required: NO

Refunds: Very occasionally classes need to be cancelled (e.g. instructor sickness). SMPC policy is that refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances at the individual club’s discretion as offering refunds when this happens involves a lot of work for relatively small amounts of money. If, after accepting & paying for a place, your child subsequently does not take the place / drops out / changes their mind, a refund will not be given

SMPC Code of Conduct

Parents are kindly reminded that SMPC Clubs only operate thanks to a school parent who volunteers to act as Club Convenor & run the administrative side of the club. Parents are requested to respect the efforts of each Club Convenor.