This page contains documents and information to help Clubs Convenors.

Every year, before a club begins running a Checklist should be completed and emailed to Clubs Admin .  The front page of the Checklist provides some guidance notes on filling it in.

Here are some sample documents which may help you organise and run your club.

The following document provides guidelines on how to operate financially; how to deposit parent’s fees, how to pay tutors, what to consider when setting a fee, etc.

For clubs which run at the school site, a booking form (“Let”) needs to be submitted to the council.  These are done centrally by Clubs Admin who should be informed should club timings change at any point. A timetable of clubs within the school will be drawn up in discussion with the school to ensure that school activity can run smoothly.

For clubs which run off-site, Club Convenors are responsible for making their own arrangements. Before entering into any contracts (even agreement by email), please inform Clubs Admin of your plans and how the club will meet the letting costs.

We have a Safeguarding policy and a PVG policy which you must follow. We will have a meeting at the beginning of each school year to cover Safeguarding. There is also a Clubs Code Of Conduct which the checklist asks you to ensure is distributed to all parents. All the policy documents are on the Safeguarding page of this website