We recommend using SignUpGenius to manage the SMART Start rota for your class (or any other rota organising).  Here’s a handy guide for getting started!

  1. Visit www.signupgenius.com and create an account (or log in if you happen to already have an account).
  2. Click on Create A Sign Up
  3. Create a group name and description. For example, P2A SmartStart Parent Rota.
  4. Choose a theme. These are just how your sheets will look, not actual topics for the rota. The “Back and White” theme is an unobtrusive one.
  5. It’s likely you will want to create a recurring sign up sheet (certainly the case for Smart Start).
  6. Select a start date, the relevant times, and select the weekdays thatare relevant, e.g. Monday – Thursday every week for the term.
  7. Add in and end date.
  8. Add the number of relevant slots. Usually this is two for Smart Start, but you can enter one if that’s all your rota requires.
  9. # wanted is 2 usually but you can enter 1 in here if your rota only requires one person
  10. The next tab is settings and this is for your preferences. Fill in appropriately for the information you require and your desired notifications.
  11. Once you’re happy with the preview, click Submit and Sign Up

If you get stuck, there is an online tutorial on the SignUpGenius website.

Happy scheduling!