An overview of the Parent Council

The members of the Parent Council (PC) are parents and carers, the head teacher and other teacher representatives. There are three office bearers: ChairTreasurer; and Secretary. Much of its work is carried out by subgroups (such as Fundraising, Accommodation and Clubs) which report back to the PC’s twice-termly meetings. All parents and carers are welcome to attend these meetings.


Our Purpose

“To improve the school experience for everyone involved”

The purpose of the Parent Council is:

  • To create a welcoming school which is inclusive
  • To identify, seek and represent the views of parents and families
  • To promote links between the school, parents, pupils, nursery providers and the wider community
  • To oversee and account for monies raised

How We are Structured

The Parent Council consists of several groups:


What We Do

Some of our past achievements

  • Supported the school to ensure new arrangements and an updated Q&A were communicated to parents regarding the return to school following the easing of Covid-19 restrictions
  • Liaised with the school regarding home learning experiences during the first Covid-19 lockdown and helped plan for future lockdowns, resulting in significant improvements for all
  • Supported teachers with financial help for resources and books and provided general items for the school that otherwise would not have been available such as creative supplies
  • Kept parents and carers informed via frequent Facebook posts and the newsletter after each Parent Council meeting
  • Launched Classlist as a new platform for the Parent Council to communicate between parents and groups at the school and to assist with fundraising
  • Supported or ran various fundraising events:
    • The St Andrew’s Day Fling raised over £3,500 and was warmly welcomed by the wider school community
    • The 12 Days of Sparkle provided the children with lots of fun in the lead up to Christmas
    • SMPS calendars and Christmas cards were created and distributed
    • A virtual summer fundraising auction at the end of term provided much needed funds for the Parent Council
  • Supported activities and resources such as a theatre group virtual visit and the P7 leavers activity
  • Supported a number of clubs which were able to operate during Covid-19 restrictions and offered and financed club places
  • Attended regular meetings with the contractor of the new school building to iron out issues and improve visuals with hoarding replacing the previously unsuitable Heras fencing
  • Engaged in discussions around Spaces for People and the Greenbank to Meadows quiet route among others
  • And much, much more!!!
  • Funded playground improvements to the Comiston Road site of approximately £15,000
  • Canvassed the parent body to identify priorities for spending. The view was: 1) sports and fitness, 2) technology, 3) expressive arts, 4) health and well-being, 5) languages, 6) mathematics, 7) social studies 8) religious and moral
  • Funded our standard yearly commitments (about £14,500) – Science Week, library books, arts and crafts supplies, trip to the Scottish opera, science resources, wish lists for teachers and much, much more!
  • Issued a survey to parents on travel to and from school and updated the Travel Plan and worked with the school to address traffic parking issues outside the school sites

Our Constitution

You can download our constitution.