An overview of the Parent Council

The members of the Parent Council (PC) are parents, the head teacher and other teacher representatives. There are three post holders: ChairTreasurer and Secretary. Much of its work is carried out by subgroups (such as Fundraising, Accommodation and Clubs) which report back to the PC’s twice-termly meetings. All parents are welcome to attend these meetings.


Our Purpose

“To improve the school experience for everyone involved”

The purpose of the Parent Council is:

  • To create a welcoming school which is inclusive
  • To identify, seek and represent the views of parents and families
  • To promote links between the school, parents, pupils, nursery providers and the wider community
  • To oversee and account for monies raised

How We are Structured

The Parent Council consists of several groups:



What We Do

To get an idea of what we do, here are some of the things which the Parent Council achieved or was involved in during the 2014/15 school year:

  • Consulted on the school day changes
  • Campaigned for a crossing on Braid Road to support the Cluny Annex, with deputations made to the council
  • Installed lights in the shed
  • Provided play equipment at the Annex
  • Attended Morningside Community Council and feeding into their Craighouse comments
  • Extended the transport Group
  • Funded bike and scooter shelters
  • Revamped the SMPC website
  • Found a new secretary
  • Looked at improving how the school disposes of old IT equipment
  • Canvassed the parent body to identify priorities for spending. The view was:
    1. Sports workshops/equipment 2) Drama & Music workshops   3) Projectors   4) Ipads
  • Found a new clubs coordinator
  • Organised the winter fair (which raised 21% more than last year)
  • Consulted on the options for Rising rolls (more huts in the playground / something else)
  • Offered and financed clubs places to children who haven’t used them previously
  • Started our first new club for many years (Spanish. A great club – they bought us chocolates)
  • Campaigned on the 20mph consultation
  • Sorted out PVG for all our clubs
  • Funded our standard yearly commitments (about £10,000)
    • Science Week, teacher’s allocation, library books, drama workshop, Scottish opera and more
  • Supported the Deanbank consultation through;
    • parent survey, public consolation evening, working group meetings, parent communications,
  • Found a new treasurer
  • Listened to parents views on Deanbank and the Annex and looked for solutions (Deanbank travel survey, communication with ward councillors)
  • Funded sports sweatshirts for children representing the school
  • Obtained a project design for phase 1 of the playground improvements
  • Consulted on amended nursery hours
  • Started knitting club
  • Funded an interactive white board which can benefit the whole school
  • Funded maths robots and music, drama and dance workshops
  • Looked into healthier lunches for our children
  • Sorted out a way to allow teacher allocations to continue to be funded
  • Started to “retain our knowledge” to ensure the Parent Council is more effective going forward
  • Supported 13 clubs which provide over 22hrs per week of after school activities

This is all achieved by the voluntary efforts of members of SMPC, the SMPC subgroups and the wider parent body.  Together we can make a huge difference.

Our Constitution

You can download our constitution in Word or PDF format.

At our AGM in 2016, we are proposing a minor change to the constitution, allow us to pay out funds electronically.  We will still require approval from two individuals to make a payment, but we won’t restrict ourselves to cheques and signatures.

Who says we don’t move with the times?

The proposed revised constitution is can be downloaded here.