The Parent Council and the wider community of parents and carers at South Morningside Primary School use Classlist to make communicating with each other easier. When we let you know about an event or parent council fundraising offer through Classlist, you can book a place or order a product, and pay for it simply and securely, all within the platform. The money we raise is used to help pay for materials and activities that enrich the school experience of all our children. Parents and carers whose children are in the same year group can also contact each other but you can opt out of sharing your contact details to keep them private. Other parents will still be able to contact you via the platform. There is also an ‘opt in’ to a shared map, so other parents can see where you live, making it easier for you to arrange social activities and mutual support, if you wish.

Signing up
All parents were sent an email invitation to join Classlist when we started using the platform and in future we will invite all new parents and carers to join as well. All new sign-ups are verified by a member of the parent council and only the parents and carers of children at the school will be allowed to use it. If you haven’t received and invitation please email us at

Web and App
You can download the Classlist app for your Android or Apple device and use the platform on the web at

Too many notifications?
If you click into your ‘profile’ on the platform you can manage what kind of notifications you get by email or from the app. You can also opt out of all notifications if you wish but then of course you will not know when they are new messages or events that might be relevant to you.

What does it cost?
Classlist is free to use for both the parent council and parents. They charge a small fee on any ticket sales through the app and are seeking to grow advertising on the platform.

Removing third party Classlist adverts
Parents can pay £5 per year to have all adverts removed from their account. See for more details.

We’re happy to be steered by what people want to buy, but our assumption is that goods and services squarely aimed at children and families will go down best. Please only post products you are offering yourself as a parent or carer of children at South Morningside Primary School.

All payments made via the platform are handled by Stripe, a payment processor with which the parent council has an account. For a modest fee, Stripe makes handling payments very easy, which will be a huge relief after years of gathering pound coins, posting cheques (cheques!) into the SMPC mailbox and making BACS payments for tiny amounts.

Your Data
If you go to your profile on the platform and then ‘Privacy’ you can control who can see your contact details. All your data is held securely by Classlist and used exclusively by the parent council to facilitate communication within the school community, to promote parent council activities and to allow parents and carers to support these activities financially.

Questions or concerns?
If you have any questions or concerned about Classlist or who it is being used at South Morningside Primary School then please contact or