Update on short term accommodation options feedback survey

Following the presentation on rising rolls and the effects on SMPS at the end of September, the accommodation sub-committee sought the views of the parents and carers on the two interim options offered by the council. These have been collated and sent to the council. Together with a simple tally of preferences, opinions and concerns have also been reviewed and tabulated and can be view in the following spreadsheet:

Accommodation Presentation Feedback Sept 2014

The overwhelmingly preferred option would be the use of Deanbank as a new annexe. More outdoor space and decreased pressure on the facilities in the main school site were highlighted. Key concerns highlighted were the potential distances and traffic between the sites.

Rising school rolls presentation slides

On Monday 29th September an open meeting was held at the school where two, short-term options for coping with the rising school roll were presented. You can view the presentation slides online.

It is hugely important for us as parents to make our voice heard and the parent council wants to make sure it represents the views of all parents.

If you want to provide feedback on either option, please get in touch with us via email or in writing via the South Morningside Parent Council mailbox by the office addressed to “The Accommodation Group”.