Deanbank playground


A huge thank you to SGN gas networks @SGNgas as they are sending 16 workers and a digger to Deanbank near the end of term. They will be creating beds for planting, laying pipes for loose parts play and adding in top soil.

The puddle problem will be worked on by the council in the holidays.

A parking plee….

Hello lovely parents this is just a gentle reminder to please be mindful of where you park at Deanbank. There is no safe parking for parents in the lane beside the school, this is very dangerous for other children using the lane.

Please be considerate of others as you usually are.


thank you.

Playground update

Things are moving on mainly thanks to Mrs Richmond and one of our parent’s Antonia Hynd. We now have a design brief for the main school playground. It’s a detailed processes ensuring that we can articulate what we need for our children.

The pictures below illustrate the hard work that has gone into this whole process….