School Communications

The main way the school stays in touch with parents is via the Xpressions App, so if you haven’t already you should talk to the school office about creating an account and then download the App. There are relatively frequent updates about a wide variety of class/year specific and also school wide activities. There are also links to a very useful weekly newsletter which includes forthcoming dates. You can check the school website for more static information.

Parent Council Communications

You’ve clearly already found the SMPC website which focuses on the activities of the parent council including clubs, fundraising and other activity. The information here is mostly fairly static but if you see anything that is clearly out of date, missing or wrong you can always email the SMPC parent volunteer Comms team at

A lot of more detailed information is stored in the SMPC Knowledge Base on Google Docs. Most of this information should be viewable through the links on the page above without logging in a google account. If you need to edit something, or to access to something that is restricted, then email the comms team to change the necessary permissions.

The main way we share regular updates about the school and things of interest to parents is via the SMPC facebook page. Please ‘like’ the page and if you want to make sure you see all our updates you can go to the page, click on ‘following’ and select ‘see first’. You can also help other parents see more of our posts by liking or commenting – this tells the Facebook algorithm that the content is interesting and should be shared with more of the people who like the page!

We have recently started an email list which we will only use to send major updates – such as reports of the highlights of parent council meetings which only happen every couple of months. You can sign up on the home page.