Want to raise money for your school & get a really great momento?

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Help raise money for school funds while getting a “Back to School” photo of your children. The cost is £25 per shoot.  For this you get:

  • One 7×5 unframed photo of your school age children, in their uniform, either in a group or individually.
  •  15 min shoot
  • 20% donation to SMPS funds

For more details please refer to the FAQs in the Word doc received with this document, and grab your slot on Sign Up Genius :

Dates are: 12th, 15th, 19th August

Click here for more information

Please note – This is the first time we have planned this type of fundraiser, and it does not replace any of the photos taken by Tempest

Ever wondered what the Parent Council do?

Here’s what we did this last school year:

  • Ran a number of fund raising events, which also brought the school and the community together to have fun (Summer Fair, Winter Fair, Ceilidh)
  • Undertook a transport survey related to Deanbank (138 responses)
  • Undertook a finance survey to inform our spending decisions (269 responses) – The view was #1 Playground improvements, #2 Sports workshops and equipment, #3 Drama and music workshops, #4 ICT
  • Engaged with the council on the Rising Roles/New School Consultation, fed back on the draft consultation and final consultation and took a deputation to the Full Council Meeting  – watch it here

    Ran 15 clubs, offering 20 sessions and 30 hours of activities every week
  •  Started Code Club (against the odds).
  •  Started running clubs at Deanbank
  • Worked to make what we do more effective, by collecting what we know into a “knowledge base”
  • Made the knowledge base a thing of order (a repository to act as the PC theory – how to run stalls at the fair, send out a parent mail, book a let, etc.)
  • Continued to enhance our website (information for clubs convenors, “how to”, Situations Vacant, training for SMPC member)
  • Continued to share news via our Facebook page – our following has grown to 200 likes, over 800 views each month, (remember the video of the hut being demolished?)
  • Left the PC Shed in a tip-top state:

    - Tidied
    – New Lights
    – New Crates
    – New Lock
    – There was even sufficient room to fit the monitors for code club!

  • Looked into the health aspects of lunchtime drinks
    Found volunteers to take on a ton of stuff (but lost some too)
  • Found 2 clubs coordinators (and subsequently lost one) Found 2 new people to help with PVG admin
  • Found a new chair (and subsequently lost her)
  • Lost a secretary
  • Helped find a new team for Stage Club
  • Funded our standard yearly commitments (about £10,000) (Science Week, teacher’s allocation, library books, drama workshop, Scottish opera and more). Plus;
    •   Ice lollies at Sports Day
    •   Popcorn at Christmas Capers
    •   Lighting and backdrop for Nativity
    •   Helped four families with funding for the P5 Lendrick Muir trip
    •   Bought football posts for boys and girls football
    •   Coding Club start-up costs
    •   Found a way ahead on the playground – becoming a pilot project for a streamlined approach with the council
    •   Assisted in the recruitment of our new Head Teacher
    •   PVG’d over 20 volunteers for Ski Club (at last!)
    •   Chased the council to get the snagging list at Deanbank and other accommodation issues progressed
    •   Did our best to warn people about the Scottish Gas road closures
    •   Attended Morningside Community Council and had them along to explain what they do

    I’d like to thank everyone that made this possible.

     PC members and officers
     Mrs Grierson
     Mrs Morgan and the senior staff
     PC Committee members
     Helpers at our fundraising events
     Clubs convenors
     The school office staff
     Local business that support our fundraising

     Teachers
     Our ward councillors
     The Children and Families department
     The Pupil Council
     Alex


    Craig Hilton
    Chair, South Morningside Parent council

Deanbank playground


A huge thank you to SGN gas networks @SGNgas as they are sending 16 workers and a digger to Deanbank near the end of term. They will be creating beds for planting, laying pipes for loose parts play and adding in top soil.

The puddle problem will be worked on by the council in the holidays.

A parking plee….

Hello lovely parents this is just a gentle reminder to please be mindful of where you park at Deanbank. There is no safe parking for parents in the lane beside the school, this is very dangerous for other children using the lane.

Please be considerate of others as you usually are.


thank you.

Playground update

Things are moving on mainly thanks to Mrs Richmond and one of our parent’s Antonia Hynd. We now have a design brief for the main school playground. It’s a detailed processes ensuring that we can articulate what we need for our children.

The pictures below illustrate the hard work that has gone into this whole process….