Here’s what we did this last school year:

  • Ran a number of fund raising events, which also brought the school and the community together to have fun (Summer Fair, Winter Fair, Ceilidh)
  • Undertook a transport survey related to Deanbank (138 responses)
  • Undertook a finance survey to inform our spending decisions (269 responses) – The view was #1 Playground improvements, #2 Sports workshops and equipment, #3 Drama and music workshops, #4 ICT
  • Engaged with the council on the Rising Roles/New School Consultation, fed back on the draft consultation and final consultation and took a deputation to the Full Council Meeting  – watch it here

    Ran 15 clubs, offering 20 sessions and 30 hours of activities every week
  •  Started Code Club (against the odds).
  •  Started running clubs at Deanbank
  • Worked to make what we do more effective, by collecting what we know into a “knowledge base”
  • Made the knowledge base a thing of order (a repository to act as the PC theory – how to run stalls at the fair, send out a parent mail, book a let, etc.)
  • Continued to enhance our website (information for clubs convenors, “how to”, Situations Vacant, training for SMPC member)
  • Continued to share news via our Facebook page – our following has grown to 200 likes, over 800 views each month, (remember the video of the hut being demolished?)
  • Left the PC Shed in a tip-top state:

    - Tidied
    – New Lights
    – New Crates
    – New Lock
    – There was even sufficient room to fit the monitors for code club!

  • Looked into the health aspects of lunchtime drinks
    Found volunteers to take on a ton of stuff (but lost some too)
  • Found 2 clubs coordinators (and subsequently lost one) Found 2 new people to help with PVG admin
  • Found a new chair (and subsequently lost her)
  • Lost a secretary
  • Helped find a new team for Stage Club
  • Funded our standard yearly commitments (about £10,000) (Science Week, teacher’s allocation, library books, drama workshop, Scottish opera and more). Plus;
    •   Ice lollies at Sports Day
    •   Popcorn at Christmas Capers
    •   Lighting and backdrop for Nativity
    •   Helped four families with funding for the P5 Lendrick Muir trip
    •   Bought football posts for boys and girls football
    •   Coding Club start-up costs
    •   Found a way ahead on the playground – becoming a pilot project for a streamlined approach with the council
    •   Assisted in the recruitment of our new Head Teacher
    •   PVG’d over 20 volunteers for Ski Club (at last!)
    •   Chased the council to get the snagging list at Deanbank and other accommodation issues progressed
    •   Did our best to warn people about the Scottish Gas road closures
    •   Attended Morningside Community Council and had them along to explain what they do

    I’d like to thank everyone that made this possible.

     PC members and officers
     Mrs Grierson
     Mrs Morgan and the senior staff
     PC Committee members
     Helpers at our fundraising events
     Clubs convenors
     The school office staff
     Local business that support our fundraising

     Teachers
     Our ward councillors
     The Children and Families department
     The Pupil Council
     Alex


    Craig Hilton
    Chair, South Morningside Parent council

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