We have all been moved by the various scenes of the refugee crisis throughout the summer. This crisis continues and they now face an added challenge – freezing cold. Many refugees are moving through Europe wearing the clothes they took from their hot climate. A local group from Edinburgh called Team Humanity Van, working with an aid agency called Humanitas, are making a trip to the Balkans next week with two supply vans of medication and winter-wear. They have asked the parent council if we could arrange a collection of as many children’s wellies and boots as we can.

It’s really short notice but we will be leaving a container near the main entrance of the main school for one day only: tomorrow, Wednesday 25th November. If you have any wellies or other winter footwear that you can donate, we’re making you to please bring them along with you at drop off or pick up time and leave them in the container. They will all be collected around 5pm tomorrow.

The footwear can be old or new, it doesn’t matter – anything is better than nothing!

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