We have some vacancies that we’re looking to fill. You don’t need to be a current member of the parent council. If you’re interested, or if you know someone who is, please get in touch with Craig at chair@sm-pc.org.

Clubs Co-ordinator

Key responsibility is to act as the central contact point for clubs at the school. Some seasonal activity (e.g. doing the room bookings “lets” in the summer term, ensuring all clubs have completed their start-up forms in August/September.

PVG Signatory

A small number of people act as PVG administrators for SMPC. They check the forms, review proof of ID and submit information to Disclosure Scotland. It’s an administrative task, which is time consuming. As such, it would be good if we could spread the load. No specific skills required, but one aspect of the role is meeting parents to review their ID documents, so someone who was around in the day/playground would be helpful.

Stage Club Convenor

The current team of in the following roles director, assistant director, costume, admin and production manager (currently one role but could be 2) will be stepping down after the show in March 2016

If there is interest in the club continuing a team of parents to take on assistant director, admin and production manager would be needed. These roles are voluntary.

Currently the director role is done by a non-parent with drama qualifications.

Any interested parents should email stage-club@sm-pc.org.

Fundraising Co-ordinator

Our fundraising is extremely successful and runs very smoothly. One of the key reasons is because we rely upon a small number of individuals who help organise and co-ordinate our fundraising events. We would really benefit for some other people to help out.

Being a good organiser is the key school – this isn’t about running individual stalls, it’s about setting the fundraising calendar, ensuring every activity has an owner, bookings have been made, etc.

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