Remit and procedures

The Finance Group will follow the principles set out in Section 3 of the SMPC Constitution:

To support and advance the educational and welfare of pupils by providing and assisting the provision of facilities at the school which are not carried out by the local authority.

For example, it is unlikely that large items of expenditure on the fabric of the building or the playground will be approved – this is a local authority responsibility.


To ensure all funding raised is spent in a consistent and fair manner.

  1. To prepare a high level budget in line with school strategy for approval at the AGM.
  2. To collate all requests for funding submitted in the period.
  3. To meet prior to each SMPC meeting as required to discuss each funding request.
  4. Report to the full SMPC meeting all funding requests received with recommendations for acceptance/rejection for each item. The SMPC will then vote whether to accept or reject the recommendations.

To raise awareness of where funds have been spent via newsletter/meeting minutes/staff meetings etc.

Raise awareness of any funds that are uncommitted to the wider Parent forum and teachers and encourage new ideas for projects to be brought forward.

To give advice to SMPC on areas where money could be spent if a group of children/area of the curriculum are consistently not receiving any benefit from SMPC funds raised.


Any requests/ideas for funding should be submitted direct to the Finance Group via email or the SMPC mailbox.

Each request should be supported by an Application Form. Details given on the form should be in proportion to the amount of funds requested – for items under £200 very little narrative will be expected. Help will be given to complete the form if requested. This form is just a guide to ensure sufficient information is given to allow informed decisions to be made.

The Finance Group will meet before each SMPC meeting. Each request for funding will be considered and a report will be drafted with recommendations on whether to approve or reject each request.

The report will have 3 sections:

  1. Funding requests of less than £200 will be given a yes or no recommendation with a brief reason.
  2. Funding requests of over £200 will be given a recommendation with pros and cons to allow SMPC to discuss fully and come to an informed decision.
  3. Funding requests approved in between meetings will be listed for ratification by SMPC.

The recommendations in the report will then be voted on by SMPC to finally approve or reject each funding request.

In exceptional circumstances, normally due to time constraints, funding requests can be approved by email by a majority of the SMPC. The application form will still need to be completed to ensure sufficient information is given to approve the request. The application should be sent to the Finance Group, who will in turn have it circulated to SMPC for approval.

The Finance Group will communicate decisions to the requestor after the PC has voted to approve, reject or delay expenditure. The Head Teacher and Business Manager will also be copied into this communication.

Finance Group email: