Urgent concerns regarding Deanbank work

The South Morningside Parent Council has reviewed the applications made for the new school proposed for Canaan Lane.  Although we support the provision of a new school, we have identified some issues that we feel justify objections to the application. These primarily relate to child safety / disruption to teaching at Deanbank during construction, and also child safety at the completed school.  We are therefore keen to ensure as many objections as possible are lodged with the council so that the issues we note are addressed. The intention is not to try to have the applications refused, but to encourage revisions and ensure that the parent community and school management are consulted and considered.

We have drafted a model objection letter and you can submit it as is or amend the text before responding to the relevant Planning Application.

Objections can also be posted to Chief Planning Officer, PLACE, Waverley Court, 4 East Market Street, Edinburgh, EH8 8BG if preferred.

The deadline for the public to submit comments is the 15th March.


Read the March 2015 update.

Rising Rolls

In March 2014, Edinburgh Council released a report highlighting the issues around primary school capacity in South Edinburgh.

In September 2014, planners from the council presented a report to the parent body about the options available to solve the accommodation issue.

Accommodation Survey 2013

You can view the 2013 Accommodation Survey here.

Accommodation Sub Group Update December 2011

It has been yet another difficult year for accommodation here at South Morningside Primary School (SMPS). We have had work done on our roof, our chimneys and our boundary wall. We have had leaks and floods too! We hope that 2012 will be an easier year.

Of great concern to parents has been the large P1 intake. This has had a knock-on effect to our P2 classes and have resulted in one P2 class being in the annexe for two years. Contributing factors to this large intake include the following:

  • The City of Edinburgh Council (CEC) altering its deferral policy
  • Continued rise in birth rates in this area
  • Continued influx of families with primary school age children into the area.