The accommodation subgroup works on behalf of the parent council and parent forum and in partnership with the school to help ensure that the school’s buildings and surroundings are welcoming, safe, fit for purpose and inclusive for all families.

The group is made up of parents who have an interest in the facilities where our children spend their days and a desire to try and make them the best they can be.  A number of the members have a professional background in the built environment sector but all that a parent needs to join is a little spare time and enthusiasm.

The group has been involved in past campaigns surrounding the provision of the new Canaan Lane Primary School. Their work included: informing parents, gathering and reflecting parents’ opinions during council consultations, commenting and objecting to disruptive and unsafe aspects of the planning submission and monitoring and voicing parents’ concerns during the construction process.  Active engagement by the parent council and the accommodation subgroup during the construction process led to quick resolution of a number of concerns raised which hopefully limited any detrimental impact to the children and their families who continued to attend Dean Bank during this time.

As the school catchments of South Morningside and the Canaan Lane Primary are separated, the accommodation group will be actively engaged in monitoring the use of the shared facilities within the Canaan Lane Primary and the transition of the early years to the main South Morningside Primary School on Comiston Road.