Concerns regarding Deanbank work

The South Morningside Parent Council has reviewed the applications made for the new school proposed for Canaan Lane.  Although we support the provision of a new school, we identified some issues that we felt justified objections to the application which have now been submitted with the support of many parents. These primarily related to child safety / disruption to teaching at Deanbank during construction, and also child safety at the completed school.  These objections have led to a commitment that the school and parent council will continue to be consulted regarding the works but we will continue to follow developments close.

Comiston Road Refurbishments

The Parent Council and school are very pleased that there will be substantial refurbishments undertaken at the school on Comiston Road in 2019-20.  This includes work on the windows and plumbing/heating system, which should allow much better control of classroom temperatures in summer months, as well as electrical works.  Although £450,000 has been set aside by the council for these works, there is a great deal to do and so the full list of what will and won’t get done will depend on the works proceeding to time and on budget.  This is a challenge when the school is being used by the children during the day in term times.  Noise and other disruption during these hours will need to be kept to a minimum and individual classes moving temporarily to the science room while their rooms are renovated. The entire school must be clear after school hours to allow more disruptive works to proceed unhindered, which means arrangements will need to be made for after school clubs to operate from other venues during 2019-20.