Wildlife and Bushcraft Club

Who, When & Where:

P4 to P7s from on Monday’s from  3:25-5:45pm

Earth Calling run very popular wildlife clubs in primary schools across Edinburgh. They offer members the chance to experience nature first hand, try new and exciting challenges, learn new skills and most importantly have fun whilst outside! We visit all local wild places including woods, rivers and hills. Every weeks is different and could be wildlife based activities, for example mini-beast hunts, fishing in the river, or animal tracks and trails, or bushcraft type challenges including various shelter building, fire making, tool making and general outdoor skills. All along with our usual games, tree climbing, and silly challenges and much more whilst we’re out.

Only children attending an after school club are allowed in the school building after 3pm and are only permitted in the allocated Club room.  Children must be signed in and out by the After School Care Club person on door duty OR by the individual club alternative. Parents/carers should drop & collect children outside the school’s main door and not accompany children in to the school.

Club Convenor: Laura Weston

Club email: laura@earthcalling.org or call 07814 295 477

Tutor Name:  Laura Weston

Allocation of spaces: There are spaces available in the club and when these a filled a waiting list will be created.

Club Convenor’s children are always given a priority place in the club. Please contact the Club Convenor should you wish to take advantage of this privilege by offering to take on this position in future. 

Cost: £8 per session with the full cost per term to be paid up front

A child’s space is not guaranteed until payment is received. All payment is due PRIOR to clubs starting. Failure to do so could result in your child not being admitted in to the club. 

Parent Volunteers required: NO

Refunds: Very occasionally classes need to be cancelled (e.g. instructor sickness). SMPC policy is that refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances at the individual club’s discretion as offering refunds when this happens involves a lot of work for relatively small amounts of money. If, after accepting & paying for a place, your child subsequently does not take the place / drops out / changes their mind, a refund will not be given